escaping hell’s fyre

‘Escaping HellFaya“, collage, 230cm x 800cm, 2021

I have envisioned a colossal inferno, an expanse of immense magnitude—an abode of torment and retribution, the ultimate destination for those who couldn’t secure salvation. In my conception, this fiery abyss represents a Guineaman ensnared in the tumultuous turmoil of an Atlantic firestorm. Escaping this fiery maelstrom is a task that defies easy articulation, perpetually bound within the very conditions of servitude that persistently enchain the African soul. The African, despite adeptly embracing the spiritual doctrines of those who have subjugated his spirit, remains ensnared. Escaping Hell’s Fyre encapsulates my interpretation of this condition, delving into the intricate and profound connections between religion, enslavement, and postcolonial struggles” Hassan Aliyu, 2023