Swoop Commercial Agreement

6. DATA PROTECTION AND DISCLOSURE OF INFORMATION. Swoop has a privacy policy in place to explain to users how their information is collected and used, which is available at the following web address: enterprise.swooptalent.com/PrivacyPolicy.do (the “privacy policy”). “Passengers should unite and complain under the Montreal Convention and new rules and see what [the courts] say,” Lukacs says. 13. PROPERTY RIGHTS. Services are protected as much as possible by copyright laws and international treaties. Content posted on or through services is copyrighted as a collective work and/or compilation in accordance with copyright laws and international conventions. Any reproduction, modification, creation of works derived from the website or endatodane of the website or collective work and/or copying or reproducing the websites or part of these sites on another server or place of reproduction or dissemination is prohibited without the explicit written consent of Swoop.

They also agree not to reproduce, reproduce or copy the content of the services without Swoop`s explicit written consent and agree to respect all copyrights displayed on the Services. You should not decompile or decompile, redevelop or try to discover a source code that is included in the services. Without limitation of the above, you agree not to duplicate, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or value any commercial aspect of the Services. You can only broadcast or commercially exploit the content with our express written permission. They also cannot transfer or store them on another website or in any other form of electronic consultation system. The use of the Services beyond the authorized access framework granted to you by Swoop immediately terminates this authorization or license. To collect, aggregate, copy, duplicate, view or use derivative content, Services or Content provided through Services for other purposes (including commercial), you must first obtain a license from Swoop. one.

He/she has read these conditions and is entitled to be bound by them; B. It accepts our use of information in accordance with our privacy policy; c. He is over the age of 18 and states that he and all members of the party are of the age to acquire these services when he places an order for services with age limits. 1. Booking and payment for your arrangements A reservation is made with us if a) you tell us that you would like to accept our written or oral offer; and b) you pay us a down payment (if you book within 60 days of your departure, the full payment is due at the time of booking); and c) we present you with a booking confirmation. We reserve the right to return your deposit and submit a confirmation at our full discretion. There is a binding contract between you and us as soon as we send you a booking confirmation that will confirm the details of your booking and will be sent to you or sent to your travel agency. If your confirmed agreements involve a theft, we will provide you with an ATOL certificate and confirmation. If you believe that the information on the ATOL certificate or confirmation or other document is inaccurate, you should notify us immediately, as the changes cannot be made at a later date and this may affect your rights if we are not informed of inaccuracies in a document within ten days of shipping (five days for tickets).