Wirb Reliance Agreement

UNC`s institutional profile contains basic information on UNC IRB and institutional processes and requirements when reliance agreements are considered or negotiated with cooperation sites. 5. The audit IRB will verify the study as described above and will accept or deny reliability. The Relying IRB must then accept or deny reliability. Once the IRB relying agrees, the trusted campus can begin study procedures. JHM IRB will review IIRB applications as well as applications for an external BRI. As a general rule, applications for trust are forwarded to our IRB on two dates: these are examples of the forms used by the IRB to document insurance agreements. The UNC reliance team is responsible for preparing these forms when specific dependency requests are made. They are provided here for informational purposes and should only be implemented by the study team in agreement with the reliance team. Individual test agreement (contact irbreliance@northwestern.edu to request the form) (type 1) the binding agreement is already in place (z.B SMART IRB). The trust agreement should be mentioned in your requirement model. For the use of SMART IRB agreements, please provide a confirmation form, as explained below.

If the IRB verification is one of the sites >700 on SMART IRB and they are willing to use the INTELLIGENT IRB Master agreement, this will speed up the process. Apart from SMART IRB, WSU has trust agreements with certain institutions; to verify whether the WSU has reached an agreement with the proposed institution for the revision of the IRB, please contact relyirb@wayne.edu. The NU IRB is aware of the importance of any research and we want to facilitate the process for all auditors. We must also ensure that the parameters set out in the agreements are achievable for all parties involved. We are very attentive to the conditions on which we agree to respect the fundamental principles of our Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) and to respect our commitments to our clinical partners. This may require additional time to process new agreements. On this date, the indicative timetable for processing a binding agreement is 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the type of agreement.