Trade Waste Agreements Victoria

Commercial waste is water that comes out of runoff and has been used in a commercial environment for food preparation, cooking, cleaning dishes or cleaning the kitchen. This wastewater must be treated before entering sewers and our waterways. Otherwise, it could have a huge environmental impact. Under the Water Act of 1989, it is a crime for a person to cause or authorize the discharge of commercial waste into the sewers. Any water used in the preparation or cooking of food, cleaning dishes or washing the kitchen that comes down from the drain is considered commercial waste and must be treated. A commercial waste agreement defines how your business should manage and dispose of wastewater. The Environmental Protection Agency and VicWater have collaborated on the development of a best practice guide for Victoria water authorities. This guide serves as a guide to how commercial waste is considered and managed in the state, as each water authority implements its own commercial waste agreements. It is important to note that the criteria for commercial waste depend on a number of factors specific to each water management authority. These include the volume of commercial waste, the nature and capacity of water treatment facilities, contamination background concentrations, etc.

Customers can consult with the water agency, which is responsible for their activities, following the commercial waste policy for more details. If your company is involved in manufacturing, food preparation or any other business process that produces wastewater, you must ask for your consent to dispose of your commercial waste in our sewerage system. Some non-residential customers who deduct commercial waste do so as such a low risk that they do not justify a trade agreement. If you deduce commercial waste, but you are of low volume or of similar types to domestic waters, you do not need this license. The Agency has the right to determine whether you are exempt or not, and to change your classification in response to a change in circumstances or new information. South East Water has strict procedures and acceptance criteria before commercial waste is dumped into a sewer. Read more in this article… Learn more Some water agencies in Victoria also use a categorization system to group together types of commercial waste producers.